What We Believe

At Knox we are a people that celebrate Jesus in our lives every day. We strive to communicate the timeless messages and truths of the Bible in exciting ways that are relevant and applicable to real people in today’s world. Our style is casual and we invite you to join us regardless of your background or beliefs.

Knox is a member congregation of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The Presbyterian Church in Canada has produced a document called “Living Faith” which expresses in ordinary, non-technical language what it is that Canadian Presbyterian Christians believe. We invite you to read and consider the statement of “our faith”. It is available for download on The Presbyterian Church in Canada website here.

God as Trinity

As Presbyterians, we believe in the Holy Trinity – God revealed in three – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Bible

The Presbyterian faith goes beyond all denominational divisions and interpretations of the Bible. Although recorded by man, we believe the writers of the bible were guided and inspired by God, and as such, the Bible is the divine Word of God.

Baptism and Communion

Presbyterians celebrate two sacrament – Baptism and Communion – as visible representations of God’s invisible grace.

Baptism can occur at any age. Believing parents can bring their child for Baptism and promise to raise their child to love and serve God. The entire congregation promises to support the child. Youth and adults can be baptized as part of their profession of faith if they were not baptized as a child.

Communion, the breaking of bread and drinking of wine or grape juice, reminds us of Jesus. Communion is thanksgiving and memorial of Christ’s life and death. Communion is looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ. Communion is open to all who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Presbyterians in Canada

The roots of The Presbyterian Church in Canada are Scottish (our mother Church was The Church of Scotland which is Presbyterian), but our Canadian heritage includes the work and witness of French Huguenots (Protestant) settlers who came to Canada in the 1600s. Of course, many people have come. and continue to come, into our denomination from other branches of the Christian Church.

Many Presbyterians in Canada have their churches named after Reformers, particularly John Calvin (a Frenchman) and John Knox (a Scot who was influenced by Calvin’s teachings).